What Sets Us Apart

IoT.nxt is ready to implement a next-gen platform that can increase your company’s efficiency, productivity and cement a stronghold in the ever-changing marketplace, aiding future-relevance and organisation-wide efficiency. With IoT.nxt, unlock the potential of your business by creating an interconnected, interoperable business operation that will future-proof your ecosystem for years to come.

The IoT.nxt Difference

How can you efficiently collect data across multiple devices, then streamline that data in a user-friendly, horizontal view of your entire business operation? The answer is faster, (and cheaper), then you think – IoT.nxt.

Every minute saved in your business, whether it’s in producing, monitoring, maintenance or management is money saved. Discover the strong building blocks that lay as the foundation for the IoT.nxt solution. Discover IoT.nxt.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is tagged with disruption. The good kind. The kind that increases efficiencies and has a significant effect on the bottom line and profitability of your company. And the main driver behind this value unlock? Interoperability. Interoperability is your system flawlessly working together, leveraging your ecosystem to reduce inefficiencies.

Implementing an IoT solution is easier, and cheaper than you think, especially when you work with IoT.nxt. The IoT.nxt solution addresses the core issues barring your business from reaching and reaping the benefits of next-gen interconnectivity and interoperability.

By implementing a unified, integrated platform, we can leverage any system to reach the next level in digitalisation, no matter the industry ecosystem. Creating interoperability across your value chain is an integral part of our IoT solution and the key to delivering the deep insights you need.

At IoT.nxt, we don’t rip and replace. We overlay our IoT platform to leverage your existing tech, protecting the structure you’ve already built. We’re not here to break what’s working, just upgrade your systems to introduce your business to next-level digitalisation and interoperability.

We provide non-discretionary, dynamic business decision support, after the fact. Changes need to be handled carefully to protect your assets and your workers. That’s why we provide scalable, agile deployment of our IoT platform. We unlock real value in your business, inspiring creativity and data-driven decisions to better your ecosystem.

Rapid Deployment

If you’re asking yourself, ‘how can I monitor how my assets are operating, without manually checking each machine, system or worker?’ Then, it’s time for an IoT solution and it’s quicker and cheaper than you think. IoT.nxt deploys rapidly using a library of driver protocols so legacy equipment is connected quickly, without prior programming – it’s a simple drag and drop solution. We work in agile sprints, designed to deploy our solution efficiently, with minimised downtime. From start to finish, the IoT.nxt solution aims high customizability, where usability is king. The drag and drop philosophy is at the heart of our platform’s functionality – low dev, high config – making deployment not only rapid but simple.

Using API-led integration and our commitment to agile deployment, without disruption to operations, we deliver rapid deployment for our customers.

So, what does rapid look like though? 3 weeks for a full-service smart motor dealership centre and 8 weeks complete digitisation of your plant? Sound rapid? That’s IoT.nxt.

IoT implementation is no longer a buzzword, it’s not a thing of the future, it’s a real-time solution for the present and it’s a game changer. Welcome to an agile overlay of an IoT platform, that won’t disrupt your operations and return bankable ROI in 6 months.

At IoT.nxt, we hit the ground running with rapid deployment, unprecedented ROI, and API-led integration. If your business is lacking visibility across the downstream supply chain, or downtime is public enemy number one that you just can’t beat – then implement an IoT platform with rapid deployment, future-proof mechanisms, and simple customization of the full-stack product suite.

Technology Agnostic

Tolerance and acceptance are at the heart of IoTnxt’s business and our IoT solution! No matter your current ecosystem, we deploy unbiased technology to solve lack of visibility and connectivity, to create an ecosystem that produces real-time data, live monitoring and operational visualisation.

Employing a tech agnostic state-of-mind means we accept your current platform from the device to hardware level and enterprise to cloud. We don’t rip and replace, we leverage off existing infrastructure, reducing costs and implementation time. By deploying solutions ready for any tech challenge, our platform inspires future-proof digitised strategies, keeping your business at the front of the game for years to come.

We unlock real value, no matter the industry

IoT.nxt technology is equipped to handle the toughest of landscapes. Whether it’s smart asset tracking, amongst the rubble in the mines, amid the machines in manufacturing, settled in the mud, working fast in high-stakes healthcare, or working hard in smart buildings – our IoT solution is ready for anything.

Level up your business with 5 easy steps

If you think your ecosystem is too-far-gone for an upgrade, think again. IoT.nxt is ready to improve productivity, reduce your costs and automate your internal process, with minimal downtime. IoT implemented doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve designed and manufactured our system so it’s all about low development and high configuration.

With the best in mind for your business, the IoT.nxt solution is ready to enhance and update your current system to inspire rapid development, with real-time data collection and monitoring, producing bankable ROI in 6 months.

Step 1: Think different

With our IoT.nxt solution, your business is your business, only better. Reimage your business process with next level optimisation, leaving nothing to chance. Not sure what we mean by next level optimisation? Have a glimpse:

  • The ability to offer relevant insights and operational functionality to users
  • Create a comprehensive company overview and unbiased, precise data collection by leveraging automation and interconnectivity
  • Operate at full stream, whilst accommodating for anomalies, threatening outages in your business

We deploy smart systems. Systems that work smart, and hard, to create an interconnected web of devices that produce and collect the data that you need.

Step 2: Avoid information overload

As more businesses inch closer and closer to digitalisation, the information overload can step in. IoT.nxt is here to coach you and your operators through the transition, giving you the smartest tools and direction, as well as minimising downtime during implementation. We provide the right information, at the right time – so you can focus on the new change in your business.

Step 3: Ready to go

IoT.nxt technology is ready for any challenge you throw its way. Any climate, landscape, industry – the IoT.nxt platform is design to suit any environment. Whether it’s mining, farming, oil rigs – you name it, IoT.nxt can implement it. Not only is the IoT.nxt technology stack foolproof against the elements, but it can also stand the test of time. Our platform can future-proof your business for years to come, ensuring you remain at the forefront of your industry.

Step 4: Your business, your way

Our flexible end-to-end solutions work seamlessly to connect your equipment. We connect what needs to be connected. Our system works to optimised aspect of your business, from top to bottom, from the edge to the cloud. IoT.nxt has the solution. Once we implement the IoT.nxt technology, it’s time to do something with that collected data. Data cannot speak without the proper tool to process and focus it.

So, what happens after the connection point?

After our system collects real-time data from a variety of sources, data is consolidated to provide a single horizontal view of your supply chain, from top to bottom. We don’t miss a thing. Don’t think one single, intelligent view of your separate systems is possible? You haven’t met IoT.nxt. Our technology connects subsystems in real-time, leveraging cloud-platforms as the up-, and down-stream effects of an event-triggered occurrence are recalibrated throughout all edge-connected devices. That’s zero downtime.

Our full-stack technology illustrates a masterpiece, featuring all the data you need to save cost, increase worker safety, whilst also maintaining productivity. Cutting downtime, so your business is running at 100%, even when you’re not. Also, reducing vulnerability at the edge, where your data is at risk, hire the right muscle to protect your business’ more valuable assets; data.

Step 5: Reap the rewards

Are you looking to reach new heights in your industry? Smash benchmarks? Break records? You need IoT.nxt on your side. Win the race with the smartest car. Unlock the potential of your business with the power of unbiased, normalisation data collection, actionable data, and real-time business intelligence. Of course, the next question is, what comes next? The domino effect of the complete visibility of all your systems, the regeneration of operational silos and downtime cut down can be felt almost immediately.

Discover the smart way

When we say that we cover every aspect of your business. We mean it. Everything from production to maintenance. Our IoT solution inspires the implementation of smart decisions, leading to predictive maintenance, new capabilities for retro tech, and having an eye in every nook and cranny of your ecosystem.

Your business in the palm of your hand

The IoT.nxt solution creates the opportunity for your business to reach the next level in your industry. Watch your business grow with big data on your side, unlocking the potential of your future and beyond. Keep an eye on the integral parts that make up your business from the palm of your hand.

It’s your business. Only better.

At IoT.nxt, we don’t believe in tearing down what is already built and works. We’re here to make it work smarter and better. Utilising data collection from across your ecosystem, in one place, to increase productivity and reduce downtime. Don’t wait for other businesses to follow suit – lead the charge, and create real change with all the information you need at your fingertips.