Our solutions span across various industries and have helped our clients solve a variety of operational and organisational challenges.





Base Station Use Case

Base Station

Inefficiencies with asset management, security, operational inefficiencies, fragmented databases….

Mechanised Operation & Production Management  Use Case

Environmental Management

The client needed real-time visibility of environmental conditions inside….

Beneficiation Plant and Dispatch  Use Case

Generator Management

Our client needed: To improve generator control​, real-time visibility of generator health and operation….

Security Cell Site Telco

Cell Site Security

Our client needed: To trigger event security for better visibility over areas & real-time visibility of biometrical.

Battery Theft IoT

Asset Management

Our client needed to: Increase production and reduce losses and wastage….

Telco Energy Management

Utilities Management

Our client needed to: Improve visibility and tracking, reduce management interventions….


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