Real-time asset monitoring, operational reporting and remote control.

Intelligent Cell Site Management with IoT.nxt


IoT.nxt’s Cell Site solutions are designed to cater for various challenges faced in the telco space. Our technology can be overlaid onto organizational infrastructure, underpinning rapid digitization and ROI, all without causing disruption to operators.

Through IoT.nxt you get remote and pro-active monitoring through Digital Twin style interfaces, automated workflows such as timed lighting schedules, HVAC controlling, security alerting and enhanced services related to fixed and movable assets.

Benefits of using an IoT.nxt Solution

Environmental Monitoring

Machine Learning is used to optimize energy consumption by managing temperature and energy usage. Active alerts include smoke-detection, air-quality, leakage, and other critical alerts.

Improved Security

Monitor on-site activity such as unauthorized access, vandalism and tampering. Pro-active detection and real-time response to incidents at sites.

Remote Asset Management

Remote and automatic real-time KPI’s monitoring, automated workflow and notifications tracking.

A Smarter Cell Site with IoT

Our Intelligent Cell Site Management solution is specifically designed to handle the vast amounts of data generated by the passive infrastructure in a nationwide network and to deliver the business value and rapid payback that operators demand.

This allows Mobile Network Operators and TowerCos to achieve a number of objectives, including reducing energy costs and carbon emissions, optimizing maintenance costs, improving network availability and making the site more resilient against theft and vandalism.

Explore Use Cases

Base Station Use Case

Base Station

Inefficiencies with asset management, security, operational inefficiencies, fragmented databases….

Mechanised Operation & Production Management  Use Case

Environmental Management

The client needed real-time visibility of environmental conditions inside….

Beneficiation Plant and Dispatch  Use Case

Generator Management

Our client needed: To improve generator control​, real-time visibility of generator health and operation….

Security Cell Site Telco

Cell Site Security

Our client needed: To trigger event security for better visibility over areas & real-time visibility of biometrical.

Battery Theft IoT

Asset Management

Our client needed to: Increase production and reduce losses and wastage….

Telco Energy Management

Utilities Management

Our client needed to: Improve visibility and tracking, reduce management interventions….


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