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Buildings, warehouses and other work spaces are the enemies of sustainability because they emit large quantities of C02 and the technology is as old as the building itself – meaning silos of information, and zero integration. No wonder sustainability seems like a pipe dream to many. Among the top emission culprits, buildings are only beaten by the manufacturing and mining industry. These spaces are meant to be safe and comfortable, for employees and tenants. But in the modern world, they are expensive to maintain and generally inefficient.

Sad to say, energy and water wastage are commonplace when it comes to building management. The health and safety of occupants should be top priority for any building owner and maintenance team, but the inability to track, measure and control all aspects of a building has become the norm. Not anymore. Today, you can decide to reduce your building emissions with improved energy consumption from lights and HVAC systems, safety, and comfort for your occupants with integrated energy management and automated desk and space booking systems. Your employees will have the assurance that their workspace is safe and comfortable to return to. Reduce your utility bill and C02 emissions with world-class technology that won’t break the bank. Integrate your old systems to have one view of your entire building: its energy, water, unoccupied and crowded spaces. You too, can maintain a smart building, or be the proud owner thereof. It's not just a buzzword, with IoT.nxt you can start seeing results today! Be daring, confidently set those sustainability targets knowing you can meet them.

Benefits of using IoT.nxt

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Monitoring & Metrics

From energy-intensive equipment to office space monitoring, one view of all areas of your building by integrating with existing BMS and other building systems for improved monitoring, tracking and decision making.

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Reporting & Billing

No more guessing and hoping. Accurate reporting and utility billing information means reduced budgets and improved planning.

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Sustainability & Safety

Ensure your employees that it’s safe to return to work because your building has comfortable, distance-controlled office spaces with automated light and temperature control.

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Complete Control

A smarter way to control your utility spending, control your C02 emissions, and control your building safety and security with a single view of all aspects of your building.

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