Smart Building Modernisation and Management.

Smart Spaces with IoT.nxt

Smart Spaces are highly connected buildings and environments that use a range of devices and sensors to enable simple, intuitive control and management of areas such as energy usage, security and maintenance.

Through IoT.nxt you get remote and pro-active monitoring through Digital Twin Style interfaces, automated work flows such as timed lighting schedules, HVAC controlling and enhanced services related to tracking human resources, fixed and movable assets.

Benefits of using an IoT.nxt Solution

Drive Cost Savings & Efficiency Gains

Detect wear and tear on critical pieces of equipment and capital assets and predict when and where repairs or maintenance activities are needed.

Improved Safety

Identify risk-events and drive suggested actions to prevent problems before they happen. Machine learning to alert actual, and potential asset failures and environmental events.

ESG, Sustainability

Drive a sustainable business with a long-term mindset through actively monitoring environment, social and governance needs through our cutting edge technology.

Giving you the power through smart technology

We equip managers, executives and operators with powerful edge computing technology to make strategic business decisions using accurate data – insight on utility usage, building occupancy, environmental conditions, social factors and more . Our award – winning tech ensures a seamless integration into existing infrastructure, allowing for faster deployments and quick returns on your investment

Expect increased safety, productivity and efficiency leading to reduced costs for your building. Through our technology you gain a foothold on ESG reporting through exact and pro-active management of the critical needs regarding your organisation’s sustainability agenda targets

Explore Use Cases

Occupancy and Building Utilisation

Our client did not have a mechanism to securely integrate and orchestrate data…

Schools Energy Management

The school required a solution to monitor and control HVAC, energy metering, and occupancy….

Smart Gated Communities

No single view of security systems, inability to monitor utilities. i.e. individual power consumption….

License Plate Recognition

Still used old outdated manual licence plate capture systems. Needed real-time visibility of….

Generator Management

No control of generator and overall usage. Lack of insight into health and operation status (e.g. low on Diesel).

    Facilities Management

    As a managing agent, our client had to report on SLA and contract compliance between landlords….


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