Integrated upstream and downstream manufacturing process monitoring.

Smart Manufacturing with IoT.nxt

Smart Manufacturing with IoT.nxt utilises machine learning to track the manufacturing process from start to finish.

By implementing real-time reporting your manufacturing plant will be able to identify areas for improvement, streamline the entire manufacturing process from production to logistics, and improve efficiency. Leading to faster production outputs.

Smart Manufacturing

Benefits of using an IoT.nxt Solution

Operational Efficiency

Intelligent interconnectivity of machinery, systems and processes. Machine Learning to track the manufacturing process, identifying areas for improvement.

Asset Management and Maintenance

Monitor each step in the manufacturing process. Get equipment status updates, predictive maintenance alerts and location tracking for logistics.

Cost Reduction

Data-driven insights for more efficient use of resources and utilities. Real-time monitoring to enable pre-emptive maintenance.

Next-gen Manufacturing

Manufacturing requires machinery that is always running optimally for the best production output. We integrate into your manufacturing with our award-winning technology – creating a complete overview of your operations and thus, giving you the power to receive real-time decision making, all through a single device.

With the ability to create digital twin replications, you’re able to detect errors in machinery, removing the hassle of tedious manual trouble shooting. This and more all through our smart manufacturing solutions.

Explore Use Cases

Base Station Use Case


Better visibility of stock, visibility of when a truck has come to a stop, truck door statuses and truck….

Cold Chain Management

Cold Chain Monitoring

Real-time visibility of all the different environments with status of all sensory data and real.….


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