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Manufacturing, by nature, involves the interconnectivity of various systems and processes. Efficiency and productivity are the drivers for success but, in increasingly complex environments, how can organisations maintain control of, and optimise, their operations? The answer is simpler and faster to implement than you think – IoT.

As more operations adopt lean manufacturing principles, they run the risk of dropping their productivity rate if there are any delays in the delivery of components. Over and above creating interconnectivity between various locations, plants and processes, asset tracking is crucial.

Create a complete overview of your entire operation, digitise it, and optimise it. Surprisingly, it’s not as complex or high-tech as you’d think and can be overlaid in a short amount of time with little to no disruption to your business. It can incorporate all your existing systems, devices and equipment and enable the deployment of real-time strategic changes. Well, our solution can.

digitize manufacturing

Intelligent interconnectivity of machinery, systems and processes, regardless of whether they’re existing or new, allow real-time deployment of changes to manufacturing output based on demand and resource availability.

From quality control, damage and breakdowns, location tracking and bottlenecks within the production chain to production flow monitoring, services and predictive maintenance.

  • More efficient use of resources and utilities, avoiding surplus material pile up and smarter production rates based on demand.
  • Real-time asset management shows the health and status of various machinery, allowing for pre-emptive maintenance.
  • Lower cost of ownership, smarter spending and workforce optimisation.

Client behaviour and preference monitoring, packaging and logistical preparation.

  • Optimisation, digitisation and visibility of the factory and manufacturing environment and all of its components.
  • Simplification of complex manufacturing processes using predictive analytics and smart BI.