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In increasingly complex environments, how can organisations maintain control of, and optimise, their operations? The answer is simpler and faster to implement than you think – IoT.

Create a complete overview of your entire operation, digitise it, and optimise it. Surprisingly, it’s not as complex or high-tech as you’d think and can be overlaid in a short amount of time with little to no disruption to your business. It can incorporate all your existing systems, devices and equipment and enable the deployment of real-time strategic changes. Well, our solution can.

Benefits of using IoT.nxt

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Operational Efficiency

Intelligent interconnectivity of machinery, systems and processes. Real-time deployment of changes to output based on demand and resource availability.

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Asset Management & Maintenance

Quality control, equipment status updates and location tracking. Production flow monitoring, services and predictive maintenance.

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Cost Reduction

Data-driven insights for more efficient use of resources and utilities. Real-time monitoring to enable preemptive maintenance. Lower cost of ownership.

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Data Management

Visibility of the factory and manufacturing environment and all of its components. Simplification of manufacturing processes using predictive analytics and smart BI.

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Field Service

Client behaviour and preference monitoring, packaging and logistical preparation.

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Theft Prevention

Monitor all assets throughout their lifecycle to prevent and reduce instances of theft.

IoT.nxt in Action


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"What we particularly liked about IoT.nxt is that they have one, single interoperable solution that connects with any device - giving visibility to the complete chain"

Frank Snijders

ICT - Executive Digital Transformation

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