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A sustainable business requires a firm understanding of its energy consumption and spending. As the demand for energy increases, so too does the cost. Therefore, the last problem you want is wasted energy! However, you can only know what is wasted if you track and monitor your consumption and spending. Unfortunately, most businesses do not have this capability because they still have separate legacy systems that control single utilities like energy or water.

To achieve sustainable energy goals, reduced budgets, and lower C02 emissions, your current energy management systems need to talk to you! IoT.nxt has the technology to eliminate your energy-draining troubles. This solution connects all your technologies into one near real-time data-sharing platform that brings all utility information directly to you. Know your consumption, waste and spend! Optimise how your business consumes energy to use lights, water, and air-conditioning, by transforming your existing systems into smarter, near real-time data-sharing assets. Next, drastically reduce your energy bill by controlling energy usage by demand or exception. Finally, you can automatically switch off unused lights and aircon and find those pesky water leaks. The smartest way to save energy costs while reaching your sustainability goals is just one decision away. Watch the video below for more.

Benefits of using IoT.nxt

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Monitoring & Metrics

Reduce your overall energy spend with an up-to-date view of your individual and total consumption and costs.

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C02 emissions

Combat C02 emissions from energy consumption – reduced emissions and increased savings.

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Real-time Tracking

Near real-time tracking of energy-intensive equipment and their statuses; will help you action automated power-on and off scenarios where applicable.

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One View

Bring all systems together on one view, making it easier to report and spot energy-intensive equipment and wastage.

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