Utility Metering and Process Efficiency Management.

Smart Utilities with IoT.nxt


Being sustainable requires deeper insight and better control of utilities consumption and spending. As the demand of utilities increase, so too does the cost. IoT.nxt’s smart utility solutions ensure your business is more efficient by providing real-time visibility and control of different energy and water management ecosystems.

Benefits of using an IoT.nxt Solution

One View

Bring all systems together on one view, making it easier to report and spot energy-intensive equipment and wastage.

Predictive maintenance

Near real-time tracking of energy-intensive equipment and their statuses, will help you action automated power-on and off scenarios where applicable.

ESG Reporting

Providing your decision makers and operators with the means to report on ESG goals and expected outcomes through Digital Twin style reporting.

Utility Management Made Easy

To achieve sustainable energy goals, reduced budgets, and lower C02 emissions , your current utility management systems need to talk to you! Drive a sustainable business with a long-term mindset through actively monitoring environment, social and governance needs through our cutting-edge technology

Explore Use Cases

Base Station Use Case

Schools Energy Management

The school required a solution to monitor and control HVAC, energy metering, and occupancy sensing.….

Mechanised Operation & Production Management  Use Case

Mining Utilities Management

Needed to decrease in utility consumption, reduce management interventions for improved labour….

Beneficiation Plant and Dispatch  Use Case

Cell Site Utilities

Our client needed to: Improve visibility and tracking, reduce management interventions….


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