Mining utilities management

Client Challenge

Needed to decrease utility consumption, reduce management interventions for improved labour autonomy & reduce labour disputes for improved employee well-being.


Notifications & Alarms

Advanced systems to alert and notify of incidents or other key defined areas of high concern.

Real-Time, Access Control Visualisation

Improved visibility and tracking. Reduced management interventions from improved labour autonomy,

Incident Management

Reduced labour disputes from improved employee wellbeing.

Further use cases addressed

Asset Management

GPS/ Mesh-network enabled asset management & tracking

Water Metering

Integrated demand planning & water delivery (activity-based)

Chiller Control & Integration

HVAC integrated into personnel movement & activities

Electricity Metering

Smart grid management and Power factor correction notifications.

Waste Monitoring

Sensors in smart trash bins communicate volumes to help collectors optimize pick-up timings

Business Impact

Cost reduction & energy Intensity decrease. Increased profit margin due to reduced op-ex. Reduced labour disputes from improved employee wellbeing.


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