Occupancy and Building Utilisation

Client Challenge

Our client did not have a mechanism to securely integrate and orchestrate data between their lighting, desk booking, meeting room booking, environmental monitoring, BMS, energy metering, occupancy monitoring, real-time occupancy tracking systems.


Customised Analytics Reports

Customized analytics reports giving insights into building occupancy, energy use, and environmental conditions.

Real-time User Interface

A single real-time UI that enables building users to:Tell the occupancy levels of floors, book desks., find free meeting rooms, and get meeting room information for bookings.

Futureproof Platform

An IoT platform that is easily extensible to include other integrations in future. 

Further use cases addressed

Desk Booking

Find spaces to use in a flexible/hot-desking environment and locate specific areas in the building to work in.

Meeting Room Booking

Identify available meeting rooms.

Energy Metering

The solution monitors energy at a circuit level of all identified end points. The availability of this data increases the building occupants’ awareness of their impact on the environment and drives a movement towards sustainability.

environmental Sensing

Visibility of the internal environmental conditions.

Business impact

An occupancy and utilization project delivered at the head-offices of a global company to give building occupants insights into building statistics and give building managers key information to manage their space more effectively.


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