Smart Generator

The IoT.nxt Smart Generator solution provides a system to monitor and manage generator networks, while enabling bi-directional control. This solution will provide business value in the form of time, money and resources.

The Need

The epic challenge of the 21st century: Filling the gap between energy supply and demand with clean, reliable and inexpensive energy.

While new sources of energy are gradually changing the landscape, most businesses still rely heavily on backup sources such as generators to meet their energy demands and ensure business continuity.

Managing and maintaining this infrastructure can be very costly, and regular inspections are required to check fuel levels, operational efficiency and device health.

Centralized Monitoring

Enables monitoring of several generators located at multiple sites using a single dedicated dash board.

Remote Management

Remotely access vital information and issue or schedule corrective action from anywhere, anytime.


Gain access to a set of reports that offer insight into current and historical information relating to fuel levels, battery levels, hours of run time and location.


Integrate with the generator controllers to set alarm thresholds and receive alerts on anomalies that could affect the use of equipment.


Monitoring fuel levels and understand normal consumption rates, automatically issuing alerts if fuel levels fall below minimum requirements or consumption anomalies are detected.

Real-time Tracking

Track and analyse the performance parameters of individual generators using a single reporting system.


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