Mining Asset Monitoring

Shifting mining operations to shift gears.

The challenge

Anglo American approached IoT.nxt to help with the implementation of a new operating model that would improve visibility, performance and safety across operations.

Until this point, the Anglo had no real-time insight into the performance of certain machinery while underground. Generally, operations were managed retrospectively at the end of a shift through manual processes.

Primary pain points



IoT.nxt installed Raptor Gateways together with Wi-Fi antennas on production machinery, air quality sensors, ventilation doors, and fire suppression water flow at the Anglo American facility. This data was then fed through our Commander platform to provide complete visualisation of all connected assets.

With this increased visibility, Anglo now has access to a clear picture of the entire mine’s underground operation. This enables them to effectively execute operations and improve efficiency without the downfalls of manual input and employee bias.


Through IoT.nxt’s Commander platform, Anglo American is now able to see real-time asset performance and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in one consolidated view from a control room.

In implementing automated reporting, our solution has decreased labour wastage and reduced skewing of production figures from manual error.


To improve the overall safety of a site’s workers, IoT.nxt’s solution effectively combines IoT technology with the analysis of big data. By monitoring KPIs of health and safety, any lags in KPIs are reported in real-time, allowing for them to be immediately addressed.

That includes everything from the number of injuries and illness rates, to near-misses, short- and long-term absences, vehicle incidents, and property damage or loss during daily operations.

Project Assessment

  • Difficulty 80% 80%
  • Customisation 10% 10%
  • Time 80% 80%

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Smart manufacturing is now at the forefront of the digital transformation of industrial markets. With technology that holds seemingly infinite applications and possibilities, the rise of this transformation across varied industries has brought our IoT.nxt solution into the spotlight. It gives industrial organisations the ability to digitise their operations, optimising productivity and improving workplace health and safety, machinery operations, and sales. Ultimately, in the modern world, connecting systems across facilities and enabling real-time visibility is not only extremely beneficial to company operations but often instrumental in enhancing production levels.


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