Expect big things from Vodacom in 2020

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December 27, 2019 | 1 minute read


Expect big things from Vodacom in 2020

By Jamie McKane 27 December 2019

Vodacom has had a great 2019, cementing its position as the biggest mobile operator in the country.

Vodacom shows no signs of slowing down next year, as it plans to launch a number of new initiatives and expand its existing offerings.

Speaking to MyBroadband about its vision for 2020, Vodacom said that South Africans should watch out for big new developments.

“There are a lot of exciting developments planned for the new year, which will continue to improve customer experience on the Vodacom network – stay tuned!” Vodacom said.

These include developments of financial services and Vodacom’s OTT services.

Vodacom said that it expects big things to come from its financial services division, especially on the back of its partnership with Mastercard earlier this year.

“There is certainly a lot more to come from Vodacom Financial Services,” Vodacom told MyBroadband.

“Earlier this year, together with Mastercard, we launched the VodaPay Masterpass – which enables Vodacom customers to load bank card details into a digital wallet that can be downloaded as an app on a smartphone.”

The network noted that smartphones were being used for financial transactions more frequently in South Africa, and it would evolve its platform to accommodate this.

“As digital wallets gain popularity, we realise the need to offer our customers solutions that will enable them to adapt to the future of commerce,” Vodacom said.

“With so many of our customers now using smartphones, it makes sense to make it easier for them to pay for airtime and data, and conduct a wide range of payments at their favourite merchants, all from a single app – and we will be adding even more features to the platform in the new year.”

Vodacom did not expand too much on its plans for its video, music, and gaming OTT platforms, but it did say it expects massive growth from the services.

“Our video, gaming, and music offerings will evolve and grow exponentially while we are also expecting exciting things from our IoT.nxt acquisition in the year ahead,” Vodacom said.

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