In the not-so-distant past conferences were all abuzz with the fourth industrial revolution, and how the next revolution would build on the rise of digital. We can all remember it. Delegates would sit and listen to futurists speak of a time when technology would fuse the digital, physical and biological worlds, and we would be in a hyper-efficient world.


Of course, in the space of the Internet of Things, companies such as IoT.nxt have always been riding the cusp of the innovation wave, surfing well ahead of the breakers. They knew that the applications would be endless and that before long big business would have digital transformation firmly planted in its strategy.


Need convincing? No thanks, sign me up


Every brand-new industry needs an education phase, where going into businesses to sell a solution or product requires a fair amount of convincing. The sales team has to educate executives about the concept, the technology and the solution. The pressing need for implementation needs to be demonstrated. Those days are over. The futurists have moved on and the realists have settled in. Businesses have realised that not including IoT in their strategy will diminish their competitiveness in the industries in which they operate. It is a given.


SA is in the mix


Chief Sales Officer of IoT.nxt Andre Strauss says that big business in South Africa has accepted that IoT needs to be part of their digital transformation roadmap. And it has happened fast.


“The market has significantly matured over the past year and it is generally accepted that IoT is a key underpin to unlocking the value of digital transformation,” he says.


“From our engagement with C-level executives in big business over the past couple of months, we see a definite step change in terms of digital transformation.”


How does South Africa fit into the big picture? Where do South African companies see themselves, and to what extent do they see the value in transforming their businesses? Strauss says it is clear that in a difficult economy, where efficiency and competitiveness is non-negotiable, businesses are ready to digitise in order to unlock value they may not have even considered yet.


“It is clear that South African big business has accepted that digital transformation will drive exponential opportunities, especially in driving efficiency and reduced risk.”


In the words of Buzz Lightyear, to infinity and beyond!



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