IoT.nxt is joining leading companies, business associations, academics, and governments from several countries for the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Virtual Conference on the 4th Industrial Revolution this week.

The Conference will imagine how the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ might impact the lives of current and future generations within and across the Commonwealth and importantly, how parliamentarians and parliaments will stay ahead of the curve. It will seek to encourage and advocate for parliaments to embrace innovation and change.

Celeste Mulder, Learning Officer at IoT.nxt, and Riaz Kharodia, Technical Specialist at IoT.nxt are presenting a showcase that will provide an example of the practical application and growing potential of the internet of things (IoT) and how connected devices can deliver a number of benefits across many sectors.

“IoT aims to positively impact both economic and sustainability goals by driving efficiencies and improving productivity while reducing the overall costs for businesses. IoT.nxt has deployed solutions across various sectors including smart buildings, telecommunications, manufacturing, and health care. We will elaborate on these at the conference and provide details of how companies and governments can implement IoT strategies by showcasing actual projects,” Kharodia says.

The CPA notes in the conference outline that technological advancements will inevitably provide viable solutions to current and future challenges, from ending global poverty, climate change, and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals, to preventing future global pandemics. “The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for those in power to pay closer attention to scientists, researchers, statisticians, and innovators.”

The event is presented over five days and includes speakers from Egypt, Canada, South Africa, the UK, and Uganda. The speaker list also includes speakers from global organizations and universities like the World Economic Forum (WEF), World Vision, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Monash University.

The session “Showcase: The Internet of Things in Action” will be presented by Mulder and Kharodia at 17:00 (BST) on Friday 9 July 2021 and will be followed by a panel session: “Societal Benefits and Risks of the Internet of Things”.

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) connects, develops, promotes, and supports parliamentarians and their staff to identify benchmarks of good governance and the implementation of the enduring values of the Commonwealth. The CPA collaborates with parliaments and other organizations, including the intergovernmental community, to achieve its statement of purpose. It brings parliamentarians and parliamentary staff together to exchange ideas among themselves and with experts in various fields, to identify benchmarks of good practices and new policy options they can adopt or adapt in the governance of their societies.

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