IoT.nxt offers Secure Device DNA Identity Service & SIEM Connector

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June 20, 2019 | 5 minute read


IoT.nxt offers Secure Device DNA Identity Service & SIEM Connector


News facts:
– IoT.nxt Device DNA Security for endpoints provides a secure mechanism for capturing connected device metrics and extracting business value
– IoT.nxt SIEM (security information and event management) Connector solution provides data capture and data orchestration from the edge, combined with storage management technology and analytics, to provide a single efficient view into organizations’ security data. A scalable solution, customers can start small with a single use case and expand as their IoT footprint grows and evolves.
– IoT.nxt has built a security solution that protects data end-to-end: Securing networks and endpoints with our IoT Device DNA Security & IoT.nxt SIEM Connector.
– IoT.nxt is an Internet of Things technology innovator that offers its patented Intelligent Edge Gateway, Raptor™. The Raptor™ solution provides customers an interconnected, interoperable ecosystem with no rip and replace required, digitizing any industry, any system, and any process

HPE Discover. Las Vegas, June 20, 2019 – IoT.nxt today announces that it has multiple patent pending applications to offer a Secure IoT.nxt Device DNA & SIEM Connector Services for IoT that makes the efficiencies, cost savings and increased security for IoT a reality for businesses. The solution will be marketed as IoT.nxt Device DNA Security & IoT.nxt SIEM Connector and will provide a secure mechanism for capturing connected device metrics from sources such as IoT, IIOT and SCADA, among others. Once captured, business value can be extracted by aggregating, correlating and analysing IoT data across the entire client business ecosystem and providing dashboard views of the resultant data in a single pane of glass, resulting in the identification of cost reduction measures or additional revenue opportunities. Customers can start small with a single use case and expand as their IoT footprint grows and evolves.

IoT.nxt Device DNA™ is the unique signature of an IoT device that can be used to identify that device as it is connected to the enterprise. Each IoT device has a set of unique characteristics and identifiers that make up its DNA. With IoT.nxt patented SDDI architecture the Device DNA is extended to even hard-wired devices and provides a seamless identity framework across all device integration interfaces. The IoT.nxt Device DNA enables federated identity management system for people, things and services which offers “Identity as a Service” for both consumers and enterprises. Consumers are frustrated by the complexity of managing credentials and PII (Personally Identifiable Information) across multiple services and the inherent lack of sharing of information across various systems. Businesses are also frustrated because of the time consuming and costly service onboarding of people and devices because of various regulatory compliance requirements. Also, securing personal data and devices remains a critical business challenge. The solution addresses these challenges in protecting people and machine identity under a secure management service.

IoT.nxt SIEM Connector™ solution provides data capture and data orchestration from the edge combined with storage management technology and analytics, to provide a single efficient view into organizations’ security data.

A major strength of this solution is the technology agnostic nature, which overcomes the challenge of connecting with existing SIEM systems. The IoT.nxt Device DNA Security & SIEM Connector solution is also a vendor agnostic IoT orchestration solution for both legacy and emerging IoT that introduces performance efficiencies, automated correlation of device metrics, and stringent security across all endpoints within the entire IoT ecosystem.

This enables customers to deploy best of breed technologies (hardware/sensors/subsystems), while at the same time achieving interoperability and interconnectivity between all the currently deployed systems and devices from the edge to the cloud. The service also allows rapid deployment and enables an Internet of Things strategy with little or no disruption to current operations

In addition, the data from the solution can be ingested into a SIEM which is facilitated by a MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) and/or client SOC (Security Operations Center). The IoT DNA Security solution further strengthens the portfolio of IoT.nxt cybersecurity products and services by further enhancing customer ability to securely gather data from IoT connected endpoint devices to drive real business impact.

“IoT.nxt is excited to have entered into IoT security with these game changing patents that will bring business value to our customers in virtually any industry. With the ability to capture data at the edge, aggregate, correlate and analyze data real time, the IoT.nxt solution will enable enterprises to create a secure IoT environment while improving the customer experience, manufacturer’s to have Secure Smart Factories with reduced machine downtime through predictive maintenance, and offices and schools to have Secure Smart Buildings with reduced utility costs,” says Jason Bradlee, IoT.nxt, COO for the Americas. “The IoT marketplace is growing exponentially, with over 30 billion devices being connected by 2020. While gathering the data is critical to ensure the highest returns for our customers, it is imperative that the platform and data capture is secured down to the endpoint. Our unique IoT.nxt Device DNA Security & IoT.nxt SIEM Connector offerings does this.”

IoT.nxt CEO, Nico Steyn, says: “Edge computing enables companies to extend data processing power to where they need it most: the edge of the enterprise where large volumes of data are being generated. The IoT.nxt solution integrates Security technologies with Identify Access Management Systems, enabling businesses to speed up their IoT projects while leveraging their existing infrastructure investments and critical data. We are excited to combine state-of-the-art edge compute processing and security technologies into a robust IoT offering for our customers.”

“It is the strategy of IoT.nxt to build innovative software we can take to market through channel and strategic partnerships. Our technology stack is designed to be a toolset for partners to utilize as part of their technology ecosystems, which enables secure digital transformation” Steyn added.
“The focus of what we do is to drive business value using IoT technology, which we believe is more about business strategy than a pure technology solution. This security offerings allows us to reach a much wider market as we address both IoT and Security in one platform stack,” says Steyn.

IoT.nxt Device DNA security salient features include:
• Multi-factor-based authentication.
• IoT DNA for devices authentication, onboarding and security.
• Uniform device identification methodology across various device interfaces and protocols.
• Leverages IoT.nxt patented SDDI for security of hard-wired devices.
• The IoT.nxt Device DNA guarantees hardware integrity of devices deployed in the field.

IoT.nxt SIEM Connector salient features include:
• Agnostic IoT Orchestration/Management Platform.
• Enhanced storage management and analytics at the edge with a compression ratio of up to 20:1 (higher ratios can be achieved based on datasets).
• Unique device reputation scoring algorithm leveraging patterns, reports and alerts and considering Hardware Integrity, Software Integrity and Network and I/O Behavior.
• Ability to capture and consolidate asset and threat content for ingestion and storage into single repository.


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