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Centurion, South Africa. 12 July 2019. South African innovator in IoT technology and solutions, IoT.nxt, in partnership with IsoMetrix, the University of Queensland, Microsoft Azure and Qlik Business Intelligence, is presenting its solution for tailings management at the International Tailings Management Conference in Chile this week.

The conference explores the areas of geotechnics and dam safety, hydraulics and transportation, seepage and water management, rheological and chemical aspects, innovations in conventional tailings design and studies, thickened and paste tailings, filtered and centrifuged tailings design and studies, technologies and instrumentation for monitoring and surveillance.
“IoT.nxt provides a technology framework that enables the rapid collection, management, and quality-checking of data from a wide variety of monitoring instrumentation and remote sensing technologies. Our participation is in collaboration with IsoMetrix, one of the world’s leading providers of enterprise software for governance, risk and compliance,” says Sunil Unnikrishnan, Vice President Technology – Americas, for IoT.nxt.

“With our partners we will engage with vendors, practitioners and researchers to develop integrated systems/solutions and workflow tools that can manage the large datasets coming from land-based instrumentations and remote sensing technologies. We are looking to strengthen operational management practices for the design, operation, and closure of conventionally managed TSFs. The aim is to deliver improvements to existing controls and monitoring solutions in the short-term,” the company noted in its presentation set.

Unnikrishnan adds that this event will further drive IoT.nxt’s global expansion, which has picked up pace since the announcement that Vodacom/Vodafone acquired a majority stake in IoT.nxt in May this year.

“Our solution can deliver efficiencies across diverse industries. We are confident that our participation at this event will drive entry into new sectors,” he says.

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About IoT.nxt

IoT.nxt’s IoT platform is a digital transformation enabler making the Internet of Things a reality. IoT.nxt unlocks exponential business value by harnessing the power of system and device interoperability. Their unique technology stack bridges the gap between all protocols in the industrial ecosystem, creating a single integration/translation point. Its patented RaptorTM gateway allows organisations to retrofit all existing legacy systems with no rip and replace. A powerful data abstraction model further translates anything and everything from the edge, supporting a true subscription based big data model. IoT.nxt opened its European office in The Hague in 2017 and set operations in the USA in Dallas, Texas in 2018. Telecoms giant Vodacom acquired a majority stake in IoT.nxt in May 2019.

About IsoMetrix

IsoMetrix is a leading supplier of integrated software for governance, risk, and compliance. The company believes that proper management of governance, risk, and compliance is not only good for the planet, people and communities, but it also leads to more profitable and resilient businesses. IsoMetrix boasts powerful, configurable dashboards for state-of-the-art Business Intelligence. There are no limits to how companies can visualize your data, allowing them to manage by exception and enabling proactive management. IsoMetrix enables businesses to run sustainably. By helping customers to do good, it also helps them do well.


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