IoT.nxt selects Microsoft Azure to drive its IoT solutions

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June 28, 2017 | 2 minute read


IoT.nxt selects Microsoft Azure to drive its IoT solutions

28 June 2017

South African innovator in Internet of Things (IoT) technology IoT.nxt announced it has selected Microsoft Azure to power its applications at different companies in diverse industries.

“We use Microsoft from the edge to the cloud as it eases development, allows code to be reused between the cloud and sites and provides a holistic stack to build our technology on. Microsoft’s stack is already used at many of our customers – making it easy to integrate with their authentication and authorization technologies, backup infrastructure and on-site server setups,” says Michiel du Toit, software developer at IoT.nxt.”

Du Toit adds, “IoT.nxt is technology and platform agnostic — using Microsoft cross-platform technologies, tools and services definitely drives efficiency for us and the companies we serve. IoT.nxt has cross-functional teams working on or with Microsoft technologies,” Du Toit says.

IoT.nxt’s Raptor 1000 field gateway is built on the .NET Micro Framework. The company also uses Microsoft .NET Framework, .NET Core, Azure IoT Hub and Microsoft SQL Server on Microsoft Windows Server environments to power its on-site technology. For business intelligence dashboarding, IoT.nxt uses Microsoft Power BI platform to visualise data.

The Azure Virtual Network service enables IoT.nxt and its customers to securely connect Azure resources to each other with virtual networks (VNets). A VNet is a representation of a company’s own network in the cloud and is a logical isolation of the Azure cloud platform dedicated to the company’s subscription.

Du Toit notes, “The Microsoft Azure SQL Database service helps IoT.nxt deliver predictable performance at multiple service levels, dynamic scalability with no downtime, built-in business continuity and data protection — all with near-zero administration. These capabilities also allow us to focus on rapid app development and accelerating our time to market, rather than allocating time and resources to managing virtual machines and infrastructure.”

John “JG” Chirapurath, general manager of Data Platform Marketing, Microsoft Corp. said, “We’re pleased IoT.nxt placed its confidence in Microsoft Azure as its cloud platform. The variety of integrated Azure services deliver the flexibility, scale and data management that IoT.nxt customers rely on.”

IoT.nxt has developed an edge to cloud IoT platform that enables rapid IoT implementation as the main underpin for enterprise digital transformation. IoT.nxt’s unique Raptor edge gateway technology and gateway management software integrated into its end to end Commander software stack clearly differentiates it from its competitors.

The platform allows for a top down or bottom up digital transformation approach and is an enabling technology for all of the large IoT platform and big data players, as is evidenced through the company’s many commercial applications across many industry verticals where customers were using Microsoft, SAP, IBM or GE, to name a few.

Notes to the Editor:

IoT.nxt is a unique rapid digitisation technology enabler that future-proofs enterprises, helping them leverage existing infrastructure investment and integrate into new technologies. The resulting interoperability and interconnectivity breaks down data silos and cuts out vendor lock in.

Our IoT solution allows our clients to rapidly transform their businesses and move into the digital age quickly, and without disruption to operations.


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