IoT.nxt signs partnership deal with Vodafone UK

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Nick Barker

November 24, 2020 | Less than a minute read


IoT.nxt signs partnership deal with Vodafone UK

IoT.nxt has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Vodafone’s UK subsidiary that will see the two companies collaborating in delivering IoT solutions to the mobile operator’s enterprise customer base.

IoT.nxt, which was recently acquired by South Africa’s Vodacom Group (which is also controlled by Vodafone Group), will help Vodafone UK expand its already-strong position in IoT solutions in the enterprise market.


In this episode of the podcast, IoT.nxt co-founder and CEO Nico Steyn is joined by Vodafone UK head of innovation Danny Kelly to talk about the partnership and unpack its implications.

The two executives discuss how the partnership will work, which industries they intend to target first and why Vodafone chose a South African IoT company to help it expand its offerings in the space.

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