26 February 2018

Recognising the radical changes in the way businesses interact with both clients and each other, Britehouse Automotive Group Executive, Callie Human, was driven to look for a way the Dimension Data division could ensure that they didn’t place unnecessary risk on their own shoulders by refusing to adapt.

“As business leaders, we realised that not only did we need to adapt to a digitised, 4th Industrial Revolution world, but that we need to help our clients do the same,” said Human.

The age-old, “where will you be in 5-10 years” question was plaguing Britehouse Automotive team and, after finding themselves back at the same answer a few too many times, digital transformation became a key priority.

“The 4th industrial revolution is real and it’s going to drive businesses in the future, and we need to adjust our businesses accordingly,” Callie Human.

So how does a company like Britehouse Automotive adapt and capitalise of digitalisation?
Easy – with the right partner.

“What decided that, from a strategic perspective, it was important that we partner with a company that had an IoT platform. In saying that, we realised there was a lot of misconception in the industry between an IoT platform and an applications platform,” said Human, and he’s not wrong. The IoT industry is stuffed full of people claiming to be able to do a number of things. The IoT.nxt team, however, just do – and have been doing for a little over 2 years already.

Captivated by this solution was seemingly commercially viable, Callie and the Britehouse team quickly realised the IoT.nxt platform was agnostic enough to enable them to integrate all of their existing platforms at the edge with no ‘rip and replace’. It was a no brainer.

“I think IoT.nxt is one of the only companies in the world who has gotten it right. It’s not an application platform and our partnership allows us to continue innovating our own core solutions while implementing their IoT solutions for our customers.”

Ability to integrate at the edge aside, there’s also the added benefit of being able to build applications on top of the IoT.nxt platform that allows Britehouse to interact with their clients, and far beyond that, too.

Since the IoT.nxt technology stack is technology agnostic, able to integrate with all the enterprise solutions out there, it is garnering a reputation for enabling the rapid deployment of a digitalisation roadmap that can be rolled out in thin slices while customers ascertain whether it would bring about the benefits they hoped it would for their businesses.

Speaking of customers – Britehouse were able to show quick return on investment to their customers, and get a roadmap into play quickly – one peppered with the opportunity to build a lot of solutions for them down the line – without needing any new platforms or technology.

No ‘rip and replace’ – taking the disruption out of disruptive technology.

“I think that the lack of disruption is ultimately why we chose IoT.nxt. In our research we found that most other solutions out there would involve ripping out and replacing a lot of existing infrastructure, but with this solution – the way IoT.nxt digitises certain things – there’s no need for that,” says Human.

The IoT.nxt solution required a smaller investment, yet allowed the Britehouse Automotive team to be quicker to market and start to realise ROI for their customers faster, too. Agility in deployment means the risk and investment typically associated with a digitalisation strategy are notably absent when IoT.nxt are involved.

This allows you to show much more value to your customer which helps us build a much better relationship with our customers and, again, open the path for the future to build a lot of solutions on that platform for our customers.

So what is it, exactly, that lets Callie Human and the Britehouse Automotive team rest easily at night? It’s not knowing that they’re using the best possible IoT solution available to them. It’s knowing that their ideas will brought to life – and then some! – by a team that continues to question, innovate and adopt a ‘can-do’ attitude as they integrate and optimise entire businesses.

“They’re always willing to always try new things and, as we’ve worked together, we’ve been able to develop better solutions for our customers.

“It feels like they (IoT.nxt) are working within our business, as a part of our business, which is exactly what a partnership should be. I think is what has made our partnership over the last 12-18 months so successful,” says Human.

In closing, Human noted that what IoT.nxt has in their back pocket is unlike anything else there – and they’ve done the digging, pouring through the hundreds of platforms out there.


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