IoT technology to revolutionize the future for smart cell sites

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March 25, 2020 | 1 minute read


IoT technology to revolutionize the future for smart cell sites

My Tech Mag March 2020

IoT technology will transform the business of smart cell sites, be it the operation, maintenance or management thereof. IoT.nxt, innovators in IoT technology and strategy, has devised a solution that will make all the difference. This is done by overlaying a hardware agnostic data collection layer that will talk to any hardware, be it cutting edge or 20 years old. “Our solution does not require ‘rip and replace’, as it overlays our data collection layer on top of the base station operator’s equipment, thus preserving the existing infrastructure,” says André Strauss, IoT.nxt Chief Commercial Officer: Sales.

IoT.nxt creates one single view of all segregated systems which makes it possible for the mart cell site operator to view all systems, be they central or distributed, from a single viewing platform.

Once the four-level infrastructure is in place, IoT.nxt’s AI and analytic tools are used to determine patterns in all measured sensors such as temperature fluctuations, battery recharge time, or equipment failures.

“We can detect smart cell sites (base stations) that are outside the normal behaviour and need to be checked out before they fail. By tracking the internal temperature and comparing it to the air conditioner behaviour and run time we can detect unnecessary energy usage,” Strauss says.

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