IsoMetrix and IoT.nxt partner for tailings technology

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July 26, 2019 | 1 minute read


IsoMetrix and IoT.nxt partner for tailings technology


IsoMetrix, a global leader in integrated risk management solutions for the mining industry in partnership with IoT.nxt, have developed an innovative approach to effective tailings management that integrates the Internet of Things (IoT) with world-leading management software.

IoT.nxt and IsoMetrix presented solution for tailings management at the International Tailings Management Conference in Chile mid-July.

“Participating at the conference allows us to better understand what Tailings Managers need from a management system, gauge our offering against other leading providers, engage with tailings experts, and expose our offering to the market,” says Robin Bolton, Executive Head: Sustainability at IsoMetrix.

“The IsoMetrix Tailings Management Solution offers environmental managers the ability to view and analyze monitoring data to assess trends and compliance, but also the ability to manage incidents, audits, inspections and to conduct risk assessments on all tailings related activities to ensure that the facility’s risk profile is acceptable, and that any issues or findings are dealt with and closed out,” says Robin Bolton, Executive Head: Sustainability at IsoMetrix.

He explains that the benefit to mines – or any operation that has large operational waste storage facilities – is managing compliance and risks, conducting analytics on all the data and providing information quickly through alerts, reports or dashboards.

“With our partners, we engage with vendors, practitioners and researchers to develop integrated workflow tools that can manage the large datasets coming from land-based instrumentation and remote sensing technologies,” explains Robin.

He adds that IsoMetrix seeks to strengthen operational management practices for the design, operation, and closure of conventionally managed tailings storage facilities (TSFs).

“The aim is to deliver improvements to existing controls and monitoring solutions in the short-term,” he says.

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