Problems Solved: IoT Integration

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July 29, 2019 | Less than a minute read


Problems Solved: IoT Integration

RunMyProcess July 2019

Automate edge to enterprise and simplify the management of your business by integrating legacy infrastructure, equipment, and devices with your enterprise systems and processes.

Businesses today require solutions that fully leverage all critical data points to improve the ecosystem in which they are operating. They need to know at any time where all their assets and people are deployed and what functions they are carrying out.

Providing such edge data across disparate systems and business units can be a daunting challenge. Correctly implemented, however, it can increase a company’s efficiency, productivity, and overall market performance.

Without the ability to seamlessly integrate edge data and output with business processes and enterprise applications (legacy and new), the data – though valuable – may become isolated in silos, limiting its potential value of transforming the wider operations of the organization.

What is the solution? Read more here: RunMyProcess & IoT.nxt

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