Kevin Lancaster 5 March 2019

IoT.nxt – a South African Internet of Things company based in Centurion – is making big inroads in the US market, months after launching services in the country.

The company specialises in providing “digital overviews” of organisations and their technology – and then allows them to take action based on the information presented.

“Our technology allows all systems, processes, machinery, and things to communicate with each other, and you to have a clear overview of what’s happening in every part of your business, without disrupting business operations,” states the company’s website.

Success in US

IoT.nxt COO Jason Bradlee told MyBroadband that the company only officially launched services in the US at the end of October 2018, and has already secured a contract to provide IoT solutions to schools in Hillsborough County, Florida.

The county includes the city of Tampa, and the project sees IoT.nxt installing LED lighting in schools and IoT solutions which monitor and control heating, air conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC) systems.

While the LED lights provide improved lighting for learners and costs savings on electricity bills, the real savings come from the automated systems and their associated sensors which control the HVAC systems.

Improved temperature controls and automation mean the IoT solutions save the school money and help the building to become more “green” – thanks to its lowered power consumption.

The reason for a company from Centurion securing a contract in the US soon after launching there is thanks to its agnostic platform.

“From a horizontal layer, nobody has a fabric like IoT.nxt does,” said Bradlee.

It is agnostic from a technology and protocol perspective, and is also agnostic from a communications perspective – so anything that has a heartbeat can be picked up, he said.

For the school project, Bradlee said they provide the hardware, too, following partnering with Dell. Hardware from Cisco and Intel has also been implemented.

Proudly SA

With the company’s schools project going well, Bradlee said IoT.nxt is looking to expand across the Americas – and they are confident they can compete on an international level.

“I would put this team up against anyone on the globe,” he said. “This team is hungry and smart – and always focuses on the client.”

With many big international companies getting caught up in corporate politics and other bureaucracies – which make them less agile – IoT.nxt maintains its “can-do” attitude and keeps its eye on the client while developing new advancements, he stated.

International success will not change the company’s base of operation, however, and South Africa will remain its home, added Bradlee.

“This company has a lot of pride in South Africa and its roots, so it is all about how can we bring jobs back,” he said.

“Our goal is to rely on the South African office as our centre of excellence.”


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