Vodacom joins the world to celebrate World Environment Day

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June 9, 2020 | 1 minute read


Vodacom joins the world to celebrate World Environment Day

Vodacom Group June 2020

Today marks World Environment Day to celebrate biodiversity and the importance of nature to life. However, we commemorate this day during a global pandemic and therefore many people will be celebrating the day indoors or virtually, not fully enjoying the joys that nature brings to biodiversity.

When various countries around the world announced containment measures such as lockdowns, quarantines, and curfews to help contain the spread of the virus, this inadvertently led to restricted public movement except for essential workers. In celebrating this day, we need to step back and assess the positive impact of restricted movement on nature.

Firstly, restricted movement meant fewer vehicles on the road and significantly less air travel which translates to reduced pollution and car accidents; with fewer people in public places we saw refreshing videos of wild animals roaming the streets. In national parks and game farms, you can drive for days without seeing a wild cat such as a lion, yet we saw videos of a pride of lions snoozing in the middle of the road. Some marveled at seeing fish in rivers or lakes they thought did not have such species. In some countries reports were abuzz about visibility of blue skies without the regular polluted air. This clean environment is cause for celebration albeit for a short period of time, before we go back to our regular activities in the new normal. It also demonstrates that, with a certain level of discipline we can minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

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