Any industry. Any system. Any process.

Born and bred in Africa, challenging the globe.

“Developing our technology with African constraints in mind created competencies in areas global players wouldn’t think of.”- Nico Steyn, CEO and Co-Founder, IoT.nxt.

It was by chance that our founders fell into the IoT business, but sheer industriousness, and a dogged determination to create a system that worked, no matter what, that have kept us here.

Faced with the typical African connectivity constraints – poor connection and low bandwidth – and the realisation that any viable solution would have to be able to work offline without flooding a network when reconnecting, our intrepid leaders started building.

Little did they know, those same constraints would shape our technology stack into one that would be globally competitive, suiting even the most rugged industrial sectors.

“It’s not enough to be able to handle network down-time. IIoT solutions have to be able to determine what must be transmitted – the crucial information – once a connection is re-established, so that networks and systems aren’t flooded and overloaded with potentially irrelevant data and, subsequently, commands.” – Nico Steyn, CEO and Co-Founder, IoT.nxt.

These constraints have to be thought of early on in the solution development process. Workflows have to be designed in ways that avoid potential data overload on the network, managing the bulk of information at the edge before sending intelligent data on. Well, if they want to be competitive with ours, at least.

Is your operation geared up to face the 4th Industrial Revolution, or will your networks hold you back?