IoT.nxt Security: Protecting What You Cannot See

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September 19, 2019 | 5 minute read


IoT.nxt Security: Protecting What You Cannot See

Pick up any newspaper, click over to a news website, and you’re bound to see a headline about the misappropriation of personal data by a corporation. Outrage ensues, yet consumer behaviour remains largely unchanged. Let’s talk about what news outlets are missing – detailed data insights are being used to ensure the future relevance of industries putting food on our tables and fuel in our cars, but how can a business protect their gold?

Every business endpoint has the potential for tracking, directly and indirectly, and collecting customer data, creating an unprecedented data network across the marketplace. But is that a bad thing?

“IoT.nxt is setting game-changing precedents for the power of IoT in security. Our DeviceDNA™ and SIEMconnector™ protect your data at the point of entry, providing true data security throughout your value chain. Security is vital for many when it comes to IoT and we’ve cracked it – our security solution secures data end-to-end so you can drive projects with peace of mind.” – Jason Bradlee, Chief Operating Officer – Americas.

More data than we can comprehend

In 2018, Forbes reported that there were 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being created each day but that the pace was only accelerating with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). They went on to further estimate that over the two years prior, 90 percent of the data in the world was generated.

Those numbers, staggering as they may be, relate to consumer data. Now, picture the scale at which large enterprises operate. Gartner had estimated that 6.5 million devices would be connected by 2016, a number now expected to grow to over 20 billion by 2020, each device generating a plethora of raw data that, combined correctly, can paint a vivid, detailed picture into the operational functioning, capacity and potential of a business.

This galactic amount of raw collected data is leveraged for business optimisation, and therefore, requires technology to secure and protect it at every stage of the supply chain, for both the consumer and business. Imagine the ripple effects of industries like agriculture or mining not being able to accurately forecast supply?

Digitisation is coming for every industry – but is there a downside?

Interconnected devices produce amounts of data in the zettabytes with estimations that by the end of this year, we’ll hit 500 zettabytes in IoT data. Protecting such mammoth data deposits requires next-gen, forward-thinking security measures. Such security will not only protect collected data but ensure your system maintains future relevance, future-proofing your ecosystem. Yet, with future-relevance becoming harder to ensure and industries getting more competitive by the day, why aren’t we doing more to garner and protect our commercial data?

With more potential for data collection and tracking comes vulnerabilities as system reach expands. As the digital wave slowly overlays every industry, more applications, data and systems are optimised for this brand new world, and security upgrades cannot be left behind. An interconnected, interoperable ecosystem, for example, optimises efficiency and production value, however also creates vulnerability. Once access has been gained, an intruder could move laterally through a network. This is where the challenge lies for protecting an expanded attack landscape, with increased potential for damage.

True data security is enabled by the ability to run without an operating system. An edge gateway like this would be void of vulnerabilities. “The key is to control the gateway layer and limit the operating system at the edge, wherever possible.” – Bertus Jacobs, IoT.nxt Chief Technology Officer

Secure your data with solutions for the digital age

Much like in the physical world, it is futile to attempt to secure individual items. You wouldn’t secure each element of your household, but rather your house – so why wouldn’t you do the same within an IoT-enabled business?

To adjust and adapt to the sweeping wave of digitisation, businesses must take steps to shield data collected from connected assets from increasingly sophisticated attacks at the point of integration, rather than trying to defend the house from within. Plug holes and reduce vulnerabilities by deploying a data security solution that protects your entire value chain, and enables central control over large deployment.

Deploy built-in security

As a first step towards ensuring the protection of a data pool, businesses can secure data protection by integrating devices with next-gen security that is already built-in. Every IoT.nxt device has a unique data token, DeviceDNA™, that dynamically identifies a device connected to the enterprise. Therefore, your ecosystem will be fully-equipped immediately with a strong security protocol once you integrate IoT.nxt devices.

Smart monitoring and testing

Protecting your ecosystem against ever-increasingly sophisticated attacks also lies in remaining actively vigilant, deploying real-time monitoring of potential threats. To maintain the integrity of the collected data, constant monitoring is a must. Performing regular real-time testing to uncover and dare we say, predict potential vulnerabilities and threats are vital to achieving true data security in an interconnected ecosystem.

Leverage automation for true data security

Automating cybersecurity process evaluates the efficiency of your security solution, building greater defences for stored data. Instead of deploying manual processes of a bygone era to protect new age data collection and storage, leverage the use of information technology to inform incident responses and security event management decisions.

Security automation allows for every connected platform to be tracked, monitored and tested under a single case management system. It also enables the compression of alerts and warnings from thousands of connected assets to be stacked based on specific fields, such as time and IP address, host name, or user. Whatever your industry, empower your ecosystem with contextualised logic via an automated engine from which you can trigger the appropriate workflow.

IoT.nxt ensures the security of connected assets

An interconnected ecosystem is a hallmark of smart IoT optimisation, however, connected assets can be vulnerabilities if security is ignored. However, don’t turn away from progress, find a solution. An IoT.nxt solution. Our smart platforms provide an adaptive security solution that empowers your ecosystem with true data security.

Integrated into every IoT.nxt device is our DeviceDNA™, contains unique characteristics and identifiers that make up the DNA™ of the device; they are then combined in a cryptographic process to produce this unique token. IoT.nxt devices marry built-in security, intuitive monitoring and automation to rapidly deploy true security at the point of integration.

Protect what you can’t see before it’s too late. It’s cheaper and faster than you think. Chat with the IoT.nxt team today.

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