Before you give yourself a pat on your back for digitising your mine, let’s look a little further down the road.

The mining industry has, for the most part, embraced digitisation. Many of the processes are relatively automated, but operate in silos.

Pit monitoring, ROM movement, drilling, blasting, loading, hauling, beneficiation and outbound logistics – all of these processes are crucial to the overall mining operation and, in most mines, are digitised.

Before you give yourself a pat on the back, let’s look ahead. You’ve created what is potentially a more productive mining operation. You’ve invested in systems and need to start seeing ROI as soon as possible. What you can’t afford, are delays of any kind. Yet you have them.

Your processes are producing piles of data, but each pile is in a different language and location. In a nutshell, your smart processes aren’t talking to each other – yet.

So how do you tie your up-, and down-stream processes together without stopping production or sending your production costs through the roof?

Better yet, how will you adjust the price of your commodity fast enough to react to the market and make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities, all while ensuring your stock levels and logistics operations are functioning without breaks in production due to miscommunication?

Can you equip your marketing and sales departments with real-time insight into stock levels?

Eric has the answer.

Find out how he can help you

  • Integrate your systems to increase efficiency by 15-25%?
  • Increase production volumes by 20%
  • Use engineering downtime as maintenance uptime to increase production improvement by 20%
  • Have visibility across the engineering value chain, combined with real-time information to reduce time latency, and improve production efficiency by 10%.



Director of Partnerships – Mining

BEng Mining MMC Certified MBA

Just around the corner from Durban, in a quiet corner of SA, Eric Croeser first fell in love with mining in his home town of Empangeni. Quick on his brightly-socked feet, and armed with a BEng in Mining and an MBA, Eric brings with him a deep understanding of complex mining operations, and what is needed to ensure they’re kept relevant, and productive, in the future. Although he fell into mining by chance, engineering has fascinated this natural-born problem solver.

Doggedly determined, Eric finished an MBA with a toddler running amok in his home. It could be because he’s a highly-skilled fly fisherman, able to focus on complex processes regardless of his surroundings, or because he’s one of the most driven people we know, incapable of giving up.

Drawn to the great outdoors and pushing boundaries to test what is humanly possible, Eric revels in being able to solve problems and balance productivity with the unpredictable nature of working with natural resources – all while going where few have been before.

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