Avert Avoidable Disaster: The Partnership Taking on the Challenges of the Tailings Dam Industry

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August 13, 2019 | 6 minute read


Avert Avoidable Disaster: The Partnership Taking on the Challenges of the Tailings Dam Industry

The goal for many mining professionals is to implement a real-time disaster management prevention plan that safeguards the environment, human life, and massively reduces risk. With so many potential hazards and a very real incident risk and ripple effect, data is key to understanding and, ultimately avoiding, disaster. In a bid to avert avoidable disaster, we’ve partnered with IsoMetrix to take on the challenges of the tailings dam industry.

Prevent disasters before they happen

The need for innovative solutions in tailings management has never been more apparent. Just this year, the Brumadinho dam disaster in Brazil demonstrated the kind of destruction that can occur as a result of catastrophic system failures. When the tailings dam at the Córrego do Feijão iron ore mine collapsed on January 25, many lives were lost and ecosystems destroyed. This has left behind a level of damage that experts predict will be felt for years to come in the area.

Consequently, in an ever-increasingly digitised world, the potential to transform the seemingly impossible into the possible is not only foreseeable but necessary to protect the world’s resources and human life. Enter the IoT.nxt IsoMetrix tailings solution. Using intelligent, real-time data collection from IoT and the IsoMetrix data analytics, these seemingly unattainable goals can be reached.

By rapidly deploying a full-scope tailings management platform you are granted top-down view of necessary stakeholders. This enables you to instil next-gen disaster prevention protocols for real-time results and predictive forecasting of future incidents.

Two heads are better than one

In a nutshell, the benefit of this solution to mines and other operations with large waste storage facilities is managing compliance and risks. In conducting analytics on all the data and providing information quickly through alerts, reports or dashboards, failures can be detected and acted on more readily. Benoit Froment, Regional Partner and Business Director at IsoMetrix, put it best when speaking at the International Tailings Management Conference in Chile last week.

“Together, IsoMetrix and IoT.nxt strengthen operational management practices and deliver improvements to existing controls and monitoring solutions,” said Mr Froment. “This gives environmental managers the ability to report on performance monitoring to external stakeholders and allows for the rapid collection, management, and quality-checking of data from a wide variety of monitoring instrumentation and remote sensing technologies.”

Any landscape, no matter how rugged

With this tech-agnostic solution, we can deploy our custom-fit solutions into any ecosystem, no matter how rugged. Whether it’s a mining plant or a tailings dam, our technology overlays existing legacy systems to create an agile ecosystem, with real-time data monitoring and comprehensive data analysis and reporting.

There is no doubt that a tailings dam is a significantly ruggedised landscape. As we all know, a tailings dam is an earth-fill embankment dam that can be used to store byproducts of mining operations after separating the ore from the gangue. Tailings can be liquid, solid, or a slurry of fine particles, and could be toxic and potentially radioactive. Hence, with unstable ingredients, the need to minimise risk and protect the environment, both natural and social, is paramount to not only the operation but the success of a tailings ecosystem.

Knocking challenges out of the dam

No matter how much a tailings ecosystem may need a smart IoT solution, implementation certainly brings its challenges. There are a variety of factors that can withhold, or make managers hesitate to deploy an IoT solution, including the cost of implementation, possible disruption to operations creating wasteful downtime, and fear that technology takeover fever will lead to a loss of jobs.

These challenges have halted many tailing dam ecosystems from digitising in the past, however, IoT.nxt and IsoMetrix are ready to bring the Fourth Industrial Revolution to your business, no matter how rugged the surrounding environment.

IoT.nxt implements a tailored IoT solution rapidly, without creating unnecessary downtime, and we agilely deploy our technology to ease the fear of technology fever, and simultaneously overlay with existing legacy systems, retaining a familiar environment for your valued workers.

Whether you’re a mine manager or metallurgical engineer, IoT.nxt and IsoMetrix have the tools to implement a next-gen top-to-bottom IoT platform that creates a single view of all essential parties to enable vital commands and protocols for efficient off-site management. Sounds like a bunch of words? See it in action.

tailings dam isometrix

What digitisation looks like in action

Marrying technology seamlessly, the IoT.nxt and IsoMetrix tailing dam solution digitises your ecosystem rapidly and can future-proof your business against shifting market and environmental conditions.

A tailings management platform that really has it all

The IsoMetrix platform includes a comprehensive overview of every corner of your ecosystem. This platform intertwines every necessary component from leadership and participation to planning, evaluation of performance, and improvement. Then it is married with ongoing support blocks and real-time operational procedures, such as responsibility matrices, and emergency preparedness. When you leverage our simple drag and drop usability you can reduce risk in your ecosystem, protect the exterior environment and ultimately, safeguard lives.

Reducing avoidable tailings dam risk

Implementing an IoT.nxt and IsoMetrix platform enables predictive maintenance and real-time adjustment for the rarest of anomalies. Tailings management can be risky business, so it’s vital to have the right team and technology behind you that works efficiently to reduce detrimental risk.

The IsoMetrix IoT.nxt solution reduces avoidable risk by enabling remote scheduling of audits, through a top-down accessible view of your ecosystem and immediate, contextualised visibility of findings. Our devices also enable real-time event monitoring of crucial incidents, providing relevant data to inspire affirmative and instant action.

Protecting the surrounding environment

Deploying an IsoMetrix and IoT.nxt solution also creates safeguards for the environment surrounding your ecosystem. In an environmentally-conscious market, it’s important to meet compliance laws with active compliance modules. Woven into our solution is up-to-date compliance regulation that allows your business to meet obligation without creating unnecessary disruption to your business, or wasteful downtime.

By enabling real-time environmental data collection and condition monitoring, coupled with off-site smart audit schedules, our partner solution instils barriers and procedures to protect the environment and meet external policy and compliance obligation.

Safeguarding human lives

The IsoMetrix platform layout brings together and integrates the government and community to create an efficient synergised solution that contributes vitally to disaster prevention. By creating a harmonious workflow from top-to-bottom in an accessible platform, the right people are fed the necessary and, possibly, life-saving information in real-time.

Rapidly deploying our platform will also create predictive emergency preparedness that can safeguard human lives, and prevent avoidable man-made disaster. By implementing critical components and scheduling necessary drills, our solution is ready to digitise your ecosystem, connect every asset and create a hub that protects the external environment, both natural and social.

A seamless partnership

The recent partnership between IoT.nxt and IsoMetrix creates a unique opportunity for a seamless partnership. Marrying IoT.nxt’s expertise in transforming data and IsoMetrix’s unique ability to interpret such data, coupled with their knowledge for the tailings dam niche, creates a customised solution for any tailings dam ecosystem.

IoT.nxt is committed to overlaying our solution with minimal disruption to operations by overlaying our technology onto existing legacy systems and integrating into accessible software. Think you’ll need high-tech, expensive software to be compatible with our devices? Think again. Our partner solution integrates with any Microsoft Outlook account. We mean it when we say implementing an IoT.nxt IsoMetrix solution is cheaper and faster than you think.

Inevitably, two heads are better than one! So, implement a seamless partnership into your ecosystem today. Get in touch for an IoT.nxt and IsoMetrix solution today.

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