Let’s Get Practical: The base station of the future, today

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Andre Strauss

August 21, 2019 | 5 minute read


Let’s Get Practical: The base station of the future, today

There is a lack of visibility across all systems in base stations due to multiple legacy systems being outdated, siloed and proprietary. As a result, there is no clear line of sight of a base station’s conditions including ambient temperatures and cooling requirements. Equipment health and performance is not monitored and there is no visibility of site security.

These shortfalls result in operational inefficiencies as well as a loss of revenue from unplanned downtime and excessive maintenance costs associated with equipment failure. Furthermore, uncontrolled cooling increases the operational costs of the site.

It’s time to rapidly revolutionise the operational potential of the telecommunications base stations, through an IoT solution, enabling an integrated single view and real-time intelligent control of all systems and devices.

IoT.nxt has created an IoT solution that will solve the current industry challenges as well as unlocking a multitude of benefits. The solution seamlessly integrates into the installed legacy equipment, without disrupting operation, transforming them into interoperative, interconnected smart assets. These can be related to everything else within the base station. Things like energy meters, rectifiers, cooling systems, batteries as well as various condition sensors all become visible in real-time.

This can be configured into a single view of all the connected devices, allowing an operator to monitor and gain insight into data generated. Machine learning and artificial intelligent (AI) is then incorporated to optimise energy usage while ensuring sufficient cooling with changing ambient conditions. Furthermore, AI is applied to enable predictive maintenance on expensive base station equipment.

The IoT.nxt solution: Enhancing existing ecosystems

We help companies experience powerful resurgence with compelling benefits:

The answer to complete base station management lies in having a single view of all connected devices within the ecosystem, enabling businesses to monitor, gain insights and learning from the data generated, unlocking improved utilisation and optimisation of areas like cooling and energy.

IoT.nxt enables base station operators to protect investment into installed legacy equipment, transforming them into interoperative, interconnected, smart assets that can relate to everything else within the ecosystem. Imagine a world where only relevant alarms are raised when there is an issue, where all things are controlled at the edge and performances changed to match conditions.

Knowing the status of all things in the base station ecosystem in real-time and building non-discretionary logic into this ecosystem fundamentally reduces waste at the source. The impact of this across the expansive value chain can be profound with large impact on the bottom line.

Answering the call for digitalisation

Reimagining business processes

Applying business analytical best practice, consider current SOPs, process and workflows that are performed across your business ecosystem to identify areas where standards and processes have not been optimised.

Provide relevant insights and operational functionality to users.

Leverage automation and integration to create a complete company overview and reliable, precise data collection.
Enable primary business functions while accommodating anomalies that can cause downtime.

Avoiding an information overload

As businesses digitalise, caution should be paid to not overloading operators with information. Having insight into down-the-line effects of activity may boost efficiency and the business bottom line. To ensure effectiveness, work to provide the right information to the right people to drive better decision making and improve employee accountability.

Ready, set, configure

Ruggedised to suit an industrial environment, designed to endure even the harshest condition and proven effective in the fields, the IoT.nxt technology stack is the answer to ensuring competitiveness, and relevance, in the years to come. Quick to install and easily customisable in any industry, an entire business ecosystem is connected into a centralised Commander dashboard and accessible remotely enabling real-time visibility and in-shift optimisation without disruption.

Connected your way, from edge to cloud

This flexible end-to-end solution connects non-IP based devices (2-wire and similar) through Raptor, our intelligent edge gateway, and connecting IP enabled devices directly to our IoT platform, Commander. Once connected, data is consolidated from all devices and systems to provide a single horizontal view of your systems and devices entire business ecosystem.

Raptor technology creates a normalised, edge layer of physical and virtual intelligence that can be retrofitted, deployed and connected seamlessly into an ecosystem of existing technologies and things, radically reducing the cost of having to develop multiple edge integrations into disparate cloud applications.

Being able to retrofit onto all deployed devices, whether analogue-, or IP-based reduces

  • Disruption to business processes
  • Cost of implementation
  • Cost of training
  • Cost and impact of enterprise-wide change management
  • Vulnerability at the edge
  • Technology disparity at the edge
  • Data strain on – and therefore costs of – networks
  • Processing required at the cloud platform level
  • Cost of edge integrated gateway maintenance

Real-time subsystem integration allows cloud platforms to be leveraged as the up-, and down-stream effects of an event-triggered occurrence are recalibrated throughout all edge-connected devices. The pieces of any business puzzle are in the box, and ready to be pieced together to create a big picture.

Operationalise and reap the benefits

Surpassing industry benchmarks globally, this technology-agnostic solution can be implemented in any industry, on any system and in any process leading to the collection, normalisation and aggregation of unbiased, actionable data and real-time business intelligence. The knock-on effect of complete visibility into all operations, the knock-down of operational silos and minimisation of down-time and incidents across the business ecosystem can be felt almost immediately.

Implementing without disruption

This example showcases how IoT.nxt technology can be overlaid onto organisational infrastructure, underpinning rapid digitalisation and ROI, without disruption to operations.

An entire ecosystem, in your hands

Implemented anywhere, this solution becomes an enabler for optimal results across the rest of your business. Operational requirements, tied in with big data and market shifts unlock the opportunities for organisations to move into the future – and beyond – with agility, dynamically shifting with supply and demand, resource availability and, ultimately, growth.

Demystifying IoT

IoT.nxt is a unique rapid digitisation technology enabler that future-proofs enterprises, helping them leverage existing infrastructure investment and integrate into new technologies. The resulting interoperability and interconnectivity break down data silos and cuts out vendor lock-in.

Our IoT solution allows our clients to rapidly transform their businesses and move into the digital age quickly, and without disruption to operations.

It’s still your business. Only smarter.



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