It’s no secret that IoT can transform agriculture. In fact, when planning ahead to ensure future relevance of any agricultural operation, it’s a no brainer. Yet still, the farming sector seems to be stuck in the mud. Why?

Perhaps the most notable barrier for the tech industry when looking at agriculture is that tech is, well, tech. It’s not built to be integrated in what are typically rugged environments.

The second barrier is usually the cost. For any farm or company in the agriculture value chain to thrive is no mean feat as there is a constant struggle to keep costs down without compromising on the quality or quantity of any yield. Adding on a layer of technological advancements to improve the overall efficiency of a farm may seem like a no-brainer, but for so many involved in running a farm, it’s just not a possibility. There’s no time to pause operations – disruption is not an option.

That’s where the IOT.nxt advantage comes in.

Our IoT platfrom allows us to create an ecosystem that connects all existing technology, systems, infrastructure and equipment to create a single view from which all aspects of any agricultural business can be managed. New technology and old are woven together to allow for interoperability and, ultimately, greater efficiency.

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