Can your business really afford to not save on energy?

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September 23, 2019 | 4 minute read


Can your business really afford to not save on energy?

In an industrial setting, energy isn’t taken for granted. One power outage can send devastating ripple effects across organisations ceasing operations and pausing the vital flow of information between parts of the value chain. Hardly a background mechanism, energy is integral to each part of any business – be it core power sources, backup generators or batteries.

If your business is looking to increase ROI and create drive meaningful returns, you need IoT.nxt. With us on your side, you’ll be able to easily create a technology-agnostic landscape that leverages true interoperability and maximises energy savings.

At its core, our IoT technology is able to leverage every part of your ecosystem, gearing each asset towards growth. IoT.nxt offers an energy management solution for any industry, any legacy system, any type of environment.

Combine manual data collection, a lack of sensor monitoring, and no performative analysis. What do you get? Wasted energy. Wastage equates to poor ROI, so can your business really afford to not invest in a smart energy management solution?

Next-gen energy management powered by RaptorTM

The makeup of our bespoke energy management solution facilities maximum productivity and can produce meaningful ROI in your business. Underpinning this solution is our RaptorTM software.

Zahir Mamoojee, our Solutions Architect for Energy management describes RaptorTM as “an in-house IoT.nxt software that integrates a myriad of devices, without a rip & replace tactic, across all mediums of communication.”

From enabling smart control at the edge to activating true interoperability throughout your ecosystem, RaptorTM has the scope to empower real energy savings, ultimately increasing ROI.

No rip and replace

Many shy away from IoT integration for fear of having to rip out and replace current operating systems or infrastructure. With an energy management solution powered by our RaptorTM software, you can overlay our solution onto existing legacy systems. Our agnostic technology reduces unnecessary downtime by integrating seamlessly with current legacy systems. Whether it’s a building, farm or base station, an IoT.nxt energy management solution is geared towards rapid deployment, so you start saving energy, quicker.

True data security

For many, data security is a concern when implementing IoT onsite as the equipment is typically integrated with a proprietary cloud system, creating security vulnerabilities and opening up assets to attack. Our RaptorTM technology allows you for agnostic integration, as well as heighten defence across all devices.

“The RaptorTM enables these benefits by acting as a single gateway to the IoT cloud. By gearing security efforts towards that single gateway, it is possible to secure your information that has been transmitted to the cloud,” says Mamoojee.

With IoT.nxt, you don’t have to turn away from smart IoT technology because of security concerns. We protect what you cannot see, granting you peace of mind, while simultaneously monitoring and collecting energy data, optimising connected assets for energy savings.

Bespoke data generation

RaptorTM was born in South Africa, a country that faces poor connectivity and internet connection availability and tumultuous energy supplies. Since the RaptorTM was developed in these harsh conditions, it thrives in the data generation and transmission departments, no matter how rugged or remote the landscape.

This is achieved by establishing a set of protocol to only generate data that is directly applicable to you and your ecosystem. For instance, we can enable protocol that only triggers data transmission when there is a change in the status quo, rather than wasting time transmitting data constantly, reducing your data footprint to the cloud.

Control at the edge

When sophisticated protocol and data generation are integrated, a connection break can disrupt real-time monitoring of energy data that fuels energy optimisation, creating unnecessary downtime and wastage. With our Raptor underpinning your connected assets, even if a connection is lost, data collection continues, and once the system is online reintegrates data into the system, creating zero losses.

Not only does our solution reduce data outages through control at the edge, but it also allows users to create custom methods for data filtering. We ensure that you only see relevant, actionable data from the edge, cutting out unnecessary analysis and monitoring.

Discover more insights about how you can optimise at the edge from Zahir Mamoojee:

Any industry. Any system. Any process.

Smart buildings

In any industry, any process or system can be digitised to create an interoperable hub of efficiency and productivity. Your building is no different. It may not be a rugged industrial landscape, however, optimised energy management can reduce wastage, increasing efficiency and ultimately improving the bottom line.

To not only extract but also normalise vital data from your supply chain, we integrate our RaptorTM into your ecosystem via cabling.

Take a look at the other benefits of our building management solution.

Generator management

Developed in-house, RaptorTM integrates different devices across all mediums of communication. Generators are no different.

Having a generator on-site likely means you’d need to plug into a BMS, incorporating all energy sources. Via cabling, you’d be able to integrate RaptorTM into your organisation so that you can extract data, normalise it and turn it into information that can be easily interpreted from team members organisation-wide.

Read more about our building management automation environment.

It’s your business, only better.

From schools and universities to server rooms and base stations, we have a solution that unlocks real-time, condition-based monitoring, predictive maintenance and self-healing system design. IoT.nxt optimises every corner of your ecosystem, from energy management to predictive maintenance – is your business ready for complete digitisation? We think so. Contact our expert team today.

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